We supply, fit and repair all types of transport equipment

JG Turning and Tooling is a local Family business.

Our objectives are to be a true Australian player in the refined industry of customised truck trailer body fabrication, providing quality workmanship and service to our clients maintaining a leading edge in the industry now and into the future through generations.

We can provide all types of chassis extensions and modifications including complete overhauls of various transportation types.

Providing for all your customised and individual specifications all work can be completed by our trained and professional team in our established work shop.

CNC Machining Steel Fabrication  Truck Body Builders

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Customised Fabrication

  • Beaver Tails
  • Lazy Axles
  • Taut Liner Body’s
  • Conversion of Tilt Trays
  • Skeletal Body’s – Tray Body’s
  • Commercial Utility Vehicle Trays
  • Fitment of truck mounted hydraulic cranes
  • All your Stock Transport Needs
  • Paint, Electrical and Hydraulic final fit outs


  • Repairs can be carried out on all commercial fleet vehicles such as, but not limited to:
    • Low loaders
    • Tag Trailers
    • Flat Tops
    • Crack and smash repairs
  • Attached to the business is a complete machining workshop that can provide any extra requirement upon request
  • Sandblasting and re-paint
  • Recognised as a business who can make repairs on insurance claims